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Spring Into Action 

This is our first year hosting RecFest AUS and we are very excited to bring the UK’s Can’t-Miss event for in-house recruitment down under! Our theme this year is Spring! We are concentrating on recruitment stories on renewal and revolution. RecFest AUS is a one day festival of all things in-house recruitment and resourcing. It is where recruiters go to be educated and celebrated, with emphasis on the power of sharing.

We are building RecFest AUS to be one of the largest conversations about in-house recruitment in Australia. Expert speakers Bill Borman and Hung Lee will be leading the conversation, with local speakers sharing their experiences and stories. This unique format encourages peer to peer conversations just as much as it highlights our speakers.

Valuable learning and networking are key at our events. Our theme is Spring, and we ask you all to have some fun with the theme and come dressed in your best Spring festival gear. Think Coachella with daffodils, Glastonbury without the mud! Spring into action and make your way to RecFest AUS 2018. Don’t miss out!   

Video of RecFest UK

Our Speakers


Bill Boorman

Bill Boorman, founder #tru conference. Speaker, blogger and advisor. Talking on  AI, machine learning and the world of tech.


Hung Lee

Founder of WorkShape.io and curator of Recruiting Brainfood also our host for the day. 


Matt Buckland

Matt Buckland, Experience in HR, recruitment, and selection. He is now  at Workable as the VP of Customer Advocacy.


Samantha Cummins 

Having led multiple talent transformations, Sam talks through the contrasts and how her lessons learned might be helpful for you.


Eva Brookes & Melanie Gretgrix 

Eva and Melanie will take us through the journey of rapid growth team build-out in the emerging technology field of Cyber, from idea to practice. 


Tracy Quinn 

Tracy is a Global Talent Acquisition Capability Manager, and will be giving an overview on the development journey for our in house TA Academy. 


Katrina Hutchinson-O'Neill

Katrina will be spreading the joy of developing a great RL group and, how she took resourcing from being an HR admin centre to Executive Committee centre stage.



Stay tuned for more announcements.

Our Venue
Welcome To Thornbury  

RecFest Recovery 

Recovery Breakfast

Wake up with Bill Boorman and Hung Lee and enjoy an excellent breakfast the morning after RecFestAus.

If you are considering an upgrade to your recruitment software or looking to try something new we will discuss what you need to consider and where we think recruitment tech is going.

It's a great opportunity to meet Bill and Hung in person and have in depth discussions in a small group setting.

Friday 7 September. Location to be announced.
Breakfast from 10am-12pm

Tickets can be purchased separately or as part of a RecFest package. 

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We have a special offer.. 
We are happy to announce a partnership with Salt Water Hotels and Resorts. Together we are offering a special price, for those who are flying in for RecFest AUS. Contact us at pira@recruitmentevents.com.au for details and book at http://www.playhouseapartments.com.au/   


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